Ciaran's latest book - “You’re So Fit!”

Whether you are a woman trying to lose pounds of unwanted body fat and develop that toned, shapely look or a maninterested in building slabs of rock-hard muscle onto your frame, you will never find a more precise plan.

These days, you hear so many conflicting theories about exercise and nutrition that it boggles the mind, but who should you really listen to?

What should you eat? What exercises would be most effective for your fitness goals? Rest assured that all the information you need to get started and continue to make visible improvements on your body is contained within the pages of this book.

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Full printed Paperback - £19.95

E-Book, (a downloadable PDF version) - £9.95

CD-Rom - the e-book, posted to you on CD - £12.95

You're So Fit!

You're so fit

My latest Book details how to get in shape fast and have fun in the process. More Details

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