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Think yourself perfect!

Ciaran Woods’s guide to motivation and using the power of your mind to develop the body and the life of your dreams.

“The law of nature is, do the thing and you shall have the power. But they who do not the thing have not the power” - Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Having faith in yourself is absolutely essential if you want to succeed in creating a physique that is simply outstanding. Too often people see themselves as doomed to be out of shape, unfit and unhealthy. They blame everything around them for their current physical condition, things like blaming their parents for feeding them the wrong foods as a child or feeling that they inherited their parents genetics so if the parents where overweight and out of shape then that’s the reason why they have become the way they are.

I have even heard lame excuses like I don’t have time to eat healthy with my busy job, choosing to eat healthy doesn’t take up any more of your time that eating junk food does.

This train of thought is sending wrong messages into your subconscious mind and if these are the under laying signals you are putting out then this is what you are attracting to you. If you feel doomed to be out of shape then you are going to experience exactly that. If you blame everything and everyone around you for your physical appearance you are putting a serious halt on the possibility of ever being in good shape.

First of all you must clear your mind of all the negative nonsense that is hounding you and holding you back from taking action on getting into fantastic shape. You where meant to be perfect, when god created you and you where born you where perfect you where not over weight and out of shape. From the moment you where born you had the same chances and potential in life as any other baby born. All the choices you have made up until now whether they have been good or bad have resulted in what you see in the mirror every morning. You see there is a past a present and a future. Everything you have done in the past has gotten you to where you are sitting now reading this book. Then there is the present, and that’s everything your doing right now to keep you at the same shape or level as you are at. Then there is the future, everything you do from this day forth will ultimately determine where your life will go, how your body will look or how successful you will become in every aspect of your life. That’s why its essential to develop faith in yourself immediately, you want to start making the right choices right now so that your future will be fantastic and vibrant. Your appearance will be beautiful, your health will be perfect and you will be fitter than you ever thought humanly possible.

If you think about a child for example, they have got complete faith in themselves, if you ask a child what it wants to be when it grows up it will probably say something like I want to be an astronaught or a rocket scientist or something else amazing. You see as a child we truly believe we can do it with absolute faith but as we get older we experience things like people telling us to be realistic or saying things like take your head out of the clouds things like that are only for smart people or rich people and over time we become so self conscious and gradually develop a lack of self worth and believe that we have to go through life with low expectations and thinking that we have to set low standards because that’s all we will ever have the ability to achieve.

Faith is a very powerful emotion, once you develop faith in yourself it will engage powers from deep in your subconscious mind that will amaze you. Saying affirmations to yourself can feed your subconscious mind. You have probably been unconsciously doing this all along but for a negative reason, have you ever said things like, I’m so fat or I’m so unfit or I feel terrible? If you have been saying things like this then this is exactly the reality you have been experiencing. Think about it, if feeding your subconscious mind instructions of a negative nature has resulted in a negative outcome, would it me much harder work to feed your subconscious mind instructions of a positive nature that will ultimately result in a successful outcome?

I feel fantastic! I’m so fit and healthy! I’m getting into better and better shape every day! Repeating affirmations like this will trick your unconscious mind into thinking you have already achieved this goal therefore through this process of affirming to your mind these powerful good feelings, faith in yourself will be released into your conscious and unconscious thoughts.

Without Faith in yourself you will never achieve big successes in your life no mater what it be. You are a success, you where meant to look good, you where born to be fit and healthy, you where born to be happy!

Now get it the feeling of what it is like to see the world through the eyes of a person who is all of these things and I promise you, you will start to develop one of the most powerful emotions in the universe, FAITH!


Desire is something you must possess is you are to continually follow through with the process of getting into top shape. I often hear people who are overweight say things like I know I’m over weight but I’m happy and I don’t care what I look like, often this is just a cover up to how a person who is out of shape is really feeling. They try to convince themselves that being unhealthy is ok and that they are content to just stay this way because deep down it seems like an easier option to pretend like they are happy as opposed to doing something about it.

If you genuinely don’t care about your appearance, your health and your body then you need to get out of this thought process, you need to look at the side effects of continuing to live the lifestyle that has gotten you to the point of being overweight. Do you want to die young? Do you want to be so unfit you cant play with your kids? Do you want to be feeling sick all the time and taking medication for the rest of your life? Do you want to look much less attractive than you could be?

If you want to better yourself and create a body that will make you proud then you need to focus on everything you have to gain as a result. Will it be hard work to look amazing and be admired everywhere you go? Will it be uncomfortable to know that your so fit you could run a marathon? Knowing clearly how getting into great physical condition can empower your life will help you create the desire to make it happen.

The desire to improve your life is essential if you want to succeed, if you lose the desire to create the better body that your dreaming off you will fail miserably. You must keep the fire alive, a little bit of desire will result in a little bit success. It doesn’t take any more effort to desire amazing things for yourself as it does to desire average things. The choice is yours. Always keep your standards high! The word standard has a different meaning to many people, many people have really high standards and other people work towards low standards. Think for example some of the most successful people in the world like Richard Branson or Donald Trumph, do you think these men achieved great success because they where lucky or is it because they set higher standards for themselves than other less successful people? Yes of course it was because they set huge goals and work towards really high standards.

The same applies to improving your body, you probably think your doing well, training hard and eating correctly, but are you really? Or is this your version of training and eating correctly? Would it ever enter your mind that someone else could be training and eating one hundred time better than you? If you could see how disciplined a person like this was on an average day how would it make you feel about the way you have been living? I could bet that you would instantly feel like you have to raise your standards. If you are sitting right now reading this and you are not satisfied with how your body looks then you have to realise that you have created the body you have based on the standard that you have set for yourself either consciously or unconsciously. If you want to improve then you have to turn it up a notch, whether its cutting out the junk food or eating more protein or possibly training harder either way you need to improve your daily habits if you want to improve your current physical appearance but firstly you need to develop the burning desire to do so.

Goal setting

Without a definite goal you are going nowhere, you have to analyse yourself and decide what it is exactly you are trying to achieve and then construct a plan of how you are going to get from where you are now to where you want to be. You cant get there in one leap you are better to take it one step at a time and continually access how your doing and document your progress along the way. Everyone will have different goals and aspirations but the best way to make it clear is to put it down on paper. Firstly be honest about where you are right now. Photograph yourself from all angels wearing a bathing suit and weight yourself, its also good to measure all your body parts and write it down. Now you need to figure out what weight would be perfect for you in your own opinion, so once you do that write it down. Also write down all the body measurements you consider perfect for you and your desired weight. Put a date next to all this information, for example a date five month from today and decide that you are going to take the necessary steps to make this a reality.

Pin this piece of paper on the wall next to your bed or your desk at work or somewhere where you will constantly see it. Each week you can do a analysis of all your pictures weight and measurements and compare them, if your doing this correctly you should be getting closer and closer to your eventual goal. Seeing your body improve in little bits week to week is very motivational and exciting you will look foreword to each week to see how much progress you’ve made and if you fall short then you only have yourself to blame. This is a good way to keep disciplined because you will feel proud of yourself every time you drop a pound or an inch and if you come to a halt or you start gaining weight again it can depress you so you can become addicted to the good feeling results will bring therefore it will make you more disciplined.

Don’t worry if you have fell short of achieving any goal you’ve made in to past, if you follow the instructions laid out in this book you will achieve any goal you can imagine. There is no such thing as failure in my mind, if something doesn’t work the first time I try then I take what I have learned from the experience and create new plans and give it another go. If you don’t plan your goals then you are wandering aimlessly to failure. If you think of a sophisticated aeroplane, it takes of bound for some exotic location and with it is an exact route of where its going so it arrives on time and in the right place. I f it took of without the proper destination plans it would fly around and around and get lost before running out of fuel and crashing.

You are exactly the same, if you don’t set detailed goals and create specific plans of how your going to achieve them your most likely going to wander around until you run out of fuel and fail. As the old saying goes, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

Building self confidence

Confidence in yourself will grow as you get into better shape but if you are out of shape its not impossible to have amazing self confidence anyway. The biggest fear many people have about going to the gym is the fear of critisim and the fear that everyone will be staring at them and judging them or making fun of them because of their out of shape appearance.

This is not true at all, what you think other people are thinking of you is only your idea of what other people are thinking and more often than not they are not being judgemental of you or laughing at you at all. If you walked into a gym looking toned and beautiful people would still probably look at you. People like to people watch but not everyone is going to be finding flaws in you, most likely they will be thinking that you deserve credit for taking action to improve your body.

Would you feel embarrassed to be seen in the local café eating a burger and chips? I would guess probably not but what’s worse looking, an out of shape person in the gym trying to work hard and better their appearance, or an out of shape person in the local café munching on a junk food meal? I know which one I would rather give credit to, the one working out and putting in the time in the gym.

Self confidence is something that you can have or if you don’t have, build and improve on. There are some gorgeous perfect looking people out there who are afraid to come out of their house because of a lack of self confidence and a low self esteem so don’t think you have to look a certain way to feel good about yourself, there are many qualities in a person that can lead to self confidence, maybe your really funny and can make people laugh or maybe you super intelligent or maybe you can play a musical instrument beautifully etc etc these are just a few example of things that can make you feel brilliant and confident about yourself.

It’s a common pattern of behaviour to be worried about being criticised by other people, this alone can make you go through life without ever reaching your true potential. Are you afraid to take a chance incase you fail and are worried about what your neighbours would say or think of you? Are you worried to go jogging in your neighbourhood because you think people might laugh at you? If you think like this I can tell you right here and now that you are going to have very limited success in your life if you continue to think this way. Lets go back to the mind of a child, when a child is trying to take its first steps it only can take one or two steps before falling. Then what does the child do? It gets up and try’s again and falls yet again, but of course once more it gets up and try’s again and again most likely giggling and laughing. This child has no concept of being criticised or laughed at, its so young and innocent that its brain has not yet become aware of this fear. When we are children and as we get older we are commonly spoken to like, don’t do this or don’t do that, what would the neighbours think if they saw you doing that, or you could never accomplish anything like that those sorts of things are only for rich people or super intelligent people, and the list goes on and on until we are beaten down and beaten down until we develop a lack of self worth and confidence usually going through life thinking we are not worthy of success or not talented enough to succeed or if we did take the chance everyone would laugh if we failed and you would be disgraced in the eyes of your neighbours.

Who cares what people think! Other peoples opinion whether it be good or bad will never help you become a success and get yourself into fantastic shape. People who are so small minded and talk about other people failures most likely have achieved no success in their own life so making other people look whose than themselves can give them a little tiny bit of significance. Are you going to let people like this hold you back from taking a chance in life? Are these people going to be accountable for you not reaching your true potential? You have to rise above this small minded mind set, I don’t care who you are, you have a talent, I can guarantee you that if you search inside yourself you can find may talents that will make you a special person which will make you feel really confident!

Don’t compare yourself to everyone else.

Many years ago when I lived in New York I became friendly with this guy at the gym, We used to train together occasionally and after a while we where training together all the time and had become good buddies. This guy was in absolutely incredible shape, he had no weak body parts at all and he was so lean that his abdominal muscles where totally sculpted. I naturally thought he was really strict with his diet and paid close attention to his supplementation and protein intake so I never thought to ask him about it. As time went on we started hanging out a bit more and his friends and mine would party a bit at the weekend and as I got to know him better I realised that his diet was really really bad! He lived on junk food I mean he literally drank beer and ate burgers and pizza every day of the week. I couldn’t believe it, how did this guy have such an outstanding physique and have such low body fat!

It just boils down to good genetics and proves that some people just have to work harder than others to achieve the same level of fitness. This is why you should never look at someone and spend too much time wanting to look like them, yes sure you can use them as a role model and inspiration but you should only be focused on being the best that you yourself can possibly be. Making a personal improvement in your body is fantastic even if you still don’t look like the guy you admire in the gym.

If your friend is in better shape than you but eats junk food all day it doesn’t mean that you have to do the same. You should know your own body pretty well. Make the best food and lifestyle choices based on what is best for your own body and don’t worry about what other people are doing.

The law of attraction

The law of attraction is an amazing power of the universe, many people go through life not even being aware of its existence but whether you are conscious of it or not it is always working to bring either success or failure into your life. You are completely in control of this fantastic power but it take several things to be able to harness it properly.

Everything you experience on a daily basis is happening to you because of the thoughts that go on in your head. Its ok to be a little bit sceptical I was at first when I found out about it. If you think of it, everything you have experienced in your life right up until now even all the material possessions you possess was once a thought in your mind. Before you bought your car you first had to think about it, before you went on holidays you had to have the idea to go, through a thought in your mind. Everything you are and have done is an accumulation of thoughts that took place in your head before you either experienced it or obtained it.

When you start to think about something the immense powers of the universe will bring it into your life, it can be anything from a car a house or getting into fantastic physical shape.

Every thought you have has a vibration and it sends out signals that are magnetic and it will attract to it similar thought vibrations so if you are having negative thoughts you are drawing negative situations and experiences into your life. If you are sitting at home complaining about being overweight and unfit you are sending out negative thought vibrations and thus you are drawing to yourself negative experiences that will hold you down and send you into low motivation towards doing something about it. In order to successfully engage the law of attraction you first have to visualise what you desire in your mind, I mean vividly imagine it with precise detail see everything in the picture, see yourself being in great shape, feel how confident you are and how good it makes you feel, notice how other people are blown away by how you have transformed yourself into a masterpiece. Now along with this vision you must absolutely believe it with all your heart that it will become a reality and have the desire to want to make it happen. Once you mix this vision with faith self belief and desire you will switch the law of attraction into gear.

Most people are too focused on getting away from their fears and frustrations, they say things like I have to lose weight, I need to tone up a bit or I hate being so unfit I would need to do something about it. By thinking in this pattern your still being negative, your focusing on how terrible everything is and therefore if these are the thoughts dominating your mind you are keeping yourself in that place and drawing yourself deeper into a hole of depression about it which causes frustration desperation and anxiety. All of these emotions combined will build a brick wall between you and your success of developing that beautiful physique.

It would be wiser to train your mind to focus on the good feelings and emotions that being in good shape will bring. Feel the joy the happiness, the high self esteem and confidence. All these good emotions will send out positive vibrations and as a result you will draw to yourself positive people situations and experiences. Believe me all this may seem a bit weird at the start but I promise you if you practice the law of attraction you will get your body into better shape one thousand times faster that you would if you decided not to use it.

Have you ever noticed at times in your life when you felt a bit low or in a bad mood and you happened to bump into an old friend or somebody you know and they where in a fantastic mood and full of joy, I can almost guarantee that as soon as you met this joyful person your mood automatically switched from being low to being happy. Why is this? Because your friend was sending out positive vibrations and they triggered your positive emotions because like I said positive feelings are contagious. Good thoughts attract good feelings.

You are totally in control of your thoughts and emotions. If you let yourself feel down its your own fault, you can turn it around in a second, a trick I use is to just recall a time when you where so happy, maybe it was when you where laying on a beautiful beach when you where on holiday or maybe when your children where born, what ever it is I bet you can recall some great feeling. Once you think of it just try to recall how you felt at that moment and get yourself back in the feeling of how that was I can guarantee you, you can bring your mood up again in two minutes.

“See it believe it achieve it”

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