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Do you want expert advice on how to loose weight permanently? Do you want to know how you can get your body toned beyond belief and look more gorgeous?

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Here’s the true story of how I took my body from a chubby flabby mess to a rock solid physique to be proud of.

If you discover the simple secrets I can reveal to you, you will get your body leaner, more toned and more beautiful that you ever thought possible.

Dear Friend,
I’m going to describe some scenarios, carefully read them and see if they do or have ever applied to you.

Scenario #1:

It’s Saturday night and your getting ready to go out on the town with your friends, you try on your favourite outfit but you notice that it doesn’t fit as well as it did the last time you wore it, it’s much tighter so you think to yourself oh I must have shrunk this a little bit the last time I washed it. You go to the mirror and look at yourself wearing the dress and you suddenly realise that the dress hasn’t shrunk you have just got bigger and you feel that you look horrible and you get this sinking feeling of unattractiveness, you feel fat, you feel like you don’t want to go out locally incase someone sees you and notices that you have gained weight and therefore may laugh at you or judge you. So you try something else on and the same thing happens. What now? You try searching through your clothes for something a bit baggier possibly black in colour because that usually makes you look smaller. You eventually find something that looks ok but you still don’t feel good about going out and your kind of dreading it. Anyway you head out with your friends to the local bar and your conscious of anyone who could be potentially staring at you because your overweight and you are trying to hold in your stomach at all times but what makes you feel even worse is that the bar is full of gorgeous people in great shape strutting their stuff and getting all the attention from the good looking guys and girls.

Scenario #2:

You and your friends have booked a summer holiday to a sunny destination but its not for four months, you know that your out of shape and over weight but your pretty confident that four months is enough time to loose weight and tone up so you will be looking hot in your bikini or shorts when the time comes. However the days are flying in and you still haven’t really done anything to start getting into better shape but you still convince yourself that there is plenty of time left so you still don’t bother exercising much, maybe the odd walk here and there which isn’t really making any difference. Eventually time creeps in and you realise that you are going on your dream holiday in two weeks and you are totally out of shape, so then panic sets it, your wondering how your going to wear a bikini or take your shirt off when your completely over weight so you decide on having to wear a swim suit hoping that covers you up a bit. You try your swimsuit on and you feel like a beach wale and are totally self conscious and embarrassed of your shape and you are beating yourself up because you didn’t put the effort in to lose weight from four months ago. Finally you arrive at your hotel and the next morning you go down to the pool side but you decide to wear a T-shirt over your swimsuit and wrap a towel around your waist to hide your body and you notice that the pool area is full of beautiful people with gorgeous toned bodies which makes you feel even worse.

Scenario #3

You’ve been with your partner for a few years and in that time you’ve gained a lot of weight and you don’t really feel attractive anymore and you kind of take less pride in your appearance. What’s worse is that you feel like your partner in not attracted to you anymore because you have gained so much weight and you don’t enjoy sex because you don’t think your partner is turned on by you plus you always have to have the lights turned off to hide your body.

  1. 1.Are you sick and tired of being overweight and out of shape?
  2. 2.Are you sick of trying diets that never seem to work or are you confused about what you should be eating?
  3. 3. Are your clothes getting tighter and nothing seems to look good on you because of your body weight?
  4. 4. Do you feel less attractive to your partner because you have gained weight?
  5. 5. Do you feel unattractive to your partner because you are underweight?
  6. 6. Are you finding it hard to regain your shape after giving birth?
  7. 7. Are your arms too flabby especially your triceps?
  8. 8. Are your arms too skinny?
  9. 9. Do you want to build muscle?
  10. 10. Does the excess fat on your hips and thighs seem impossible to get rid of?
  11. 11. Do you want that sexy six pack?
  12. 12. Does your current physical condition make you feel that everyone is staring at you and judging you and no matter what clothes you put on you feel fat?

What if I told you I had the answer to your problems?

It’s your lucky Day!

Lifetime natural bodybuilder and personal trainer Ciaran Woods shares his proven system of super charging the metabolism, burning fat permanently, increasing muscle tone and creating burning desire and motivation! Discover what he’s done to help thousands of people around the world burn off fat, increase muscle in record time and develop confidence and self esteem.

It doesn’t matter how you look at present, how over weight or under weight you are or how old you are. If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then it’s time you ordered “Your so fit” ASAP.

Nothing in this world is more satisfying than being in great physical shape, you will feel so confident and proud, you will look foreword to going to the beach or the swimming pool to show off your toned body. When you walk into a crowded room you wont feel like everyone is looking at you because your overweight, instead you will feel fantastic because everyone is looking at you admiringly and wondering what you do to get such a beautiful body. The story of how I discover what really works to reach the true potential of your body.

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First, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ciaran Woods, and I have written this book because I truly believe that I have something to share with you that I can say with certainty will change your body and your life forever. I know how it feels to have an out-of-shape body. I grew up in Ireland and when I was a kid, I was teased and bullied by all the other kids about being fat.

Consequently, I was deeply self-conscious about the way I looked, and I was also aware of the fact that I was extremely unfit. I’m quite sure that many of you reading this book right now can agree with me when I say that being overweight and out of shape is a horrible feeling. This feeling never goes away. It follows you everywhere, and you avoid mirrors like the plague because you don’t want a reminder of how you look. It also doesn’t help to be reminded of it every day by being teased and called hurtful names like I was.

I remember hot summer days when all the other kids ran around with their shirts off to get a tan, but I never dared let anyone see my body, no way. I could just envision everyone laughing at me and pointing and calling me hurtful names. As I grew older and much taller, I did manage to lose a lot of weight. However, I was still a far cry from having a good physique. I always read the fitness magazines every month and read articles about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. Marveling at how they had transformed their bodies into works of art, I decided I was going to try to do the same. I was no longer going to be teased about my body. I joined the local leisure centre and started to train with weights every night, doing set after set and rep after rep until my arms where almost ready to fall off, but sadly, even after six months of training, I could see absolutely no change in my body. There where many other guys in the gym also, and one night, I asked how long they had been training. Astonishingly, one of them told me he had been training for five years! I thought, “How can this be? He doesn’t look like he’s been training for five days.” This insight was really disheartening, and I felt that night that I was doomed to be stuck inside this horrible body, because no matter how hard I trained, I would never look any different. I inevitably quit training altogether, but the longing to have a muscularly built body never went away.

Shortly afterward, I was offered a job in New York. I had always dreamt of going to America since I was a little kid; therefore, I decided to accept. I will never forget my first visit to the gym in N.Y.C. I walked into the weights room in the legendary Gold’s Gym, and my jaw nearly hit the floor--30,000 square feet of every conceivable piece of weight lifting equipment known to man, and besides that, I had never seen so many picture perfect bodies in my life. In fact, I had never seen this type of physical development up close. I had only seen it in magazines, and I’m not just talking about the guys here. Some of the women had physiques worthy of a place on a fitness magazine cover. It was in that instant that I vowed to learn exactly what these guys where doing to get so fit. I was going to build my body to the same standard. I would read books, experiment, and ask questions. Working out had now become my absolute passion in life, and I can honestly say that nothing in life makes me happier than when I’m in the gym working out.

After eight months of training in Gold’s, I had completely transformed my body from a chubby, flabby mess into a body to be proud of. I had by then realized that what I had been doing back home in the local leisure centre was an utter waste of time. Now don’t get me wrong. I was still a far cry from being in perfect shape, but from what I looked like before, it was a total transformation.

I continued to read books every spare minute. In my first year in New York alone I had read over fifty books on nutrition, aerobics, power lifting, and physical development, and I was becoming a walking encyclopaedia on the subject. I studied the nutrition and workout strategies of some of the most perfectly developed men in history like Steve Reeves, Larry Scott, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and incorporated them into my own workouts.

Even today, I still continue to study, research, and experiment with exercise and nutrition and the art of physical development to unlock the door onto what is truly possible with the human body. I can say today that I have built a body I am proud of and am thankfully far removed from the days of being teased and bullied. This book is a compilation of what I believe is vital to follow in order to achieve the pinnacle of the true you. It worked for me and it WILL work for you. So, let’s get started!

The beauty of “Your So Fit” is that it’s

1. A lifestyle change: Have you ever saw an actor on TV with a beautiful physique? Take Brad Pitt or Jessica simpson for example, many people remark how they only have bodies like this because they have personal trainers and that they haven’t got real jobs and have nothing else to do only workout. This is totally untrue, they are not in fantastic shape because they have nothing else to do, they are in fantastic shape because they know WHAT to do, they live the fitness lifestyle regardless of how busy they are with work. “Your so fit” will teach you how to live the fitness lifestyle no matter how many hours you work.

Why “Your so fit” is so valuable to you.

Nothing in the universe stands still, everything is either rising or falling, increasing or decreasing, our bodies are exactly the same, if you aren’t improving your body you are simply getting more out of shape with every passing day. Every decision you make each day will affect your body and cost you more money than you thought.

Are you overweight or out of shape? If the answer to this is yes then the reason your overweight is because of all the unhealthy lifestyle choices you have made in the past. Guess what? If you continue to make similar lifestyle choices in the future your going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and even more out of shape! You can start your own version of eating healthy tomorrow but most likely you will stay the same weight. Loosing body fat permanently has to be done correctly, if your going to put in the effort to do it then make sure what your doing is going to work. How much money would it cost you to keep buying extra large clothes? How much do you spend on fast food? How much does a night in the pub cost you? Some of the things that contribute to being overweight can cost up to £5000 per year. For £19.95 I can give you priceless information that will help you to transform yourself into a masterpiece, loose body fat, increase muscle tone, build fitness and stamina, increase energy, boost confidence and self esteem. What would it be worth to you to experience all these amazing benefits? Isn’t it worth £19.95?

Learn what other people are saying about Your so fit

After ordering Ciarans book I was totally blown away, I had no Idea that the foods I was eating where no good for helping me burn fat, once I started following his nutritional system I lost 35 pounds of fat in 12 weeks and I have kept it off. Karen, New York.

  • Ciarans book is like no fitness book I have ever read before, it’s full of so many unique exercises discovered by Ciaran and they work like magic, I have gained one inch of muscle on my biceps in just six weeks!
  • Lee, Ireland.

    I was a bit sceptical about ordering Ciarans book at first, I just thought that it was another fitness book like any other but I’m so glad I got it because it’s like no other book I have read, it’s got a complete guide on how to develop your body to the best it can be, from nutrition to motivation and exercise routines. I always was troubled with chest fat around the nipple area but with ciarans chest workouts I have burned the fat away and I now have a defined lower chest. John, Co. Down, Ireland

    I had been extremely over weight since I was a child and I had tried everything under the sun to loose weight but I just simply could not loose one pound, I was cutting calories, fasting, you name it. When I started on Ciarans diet system I couldn’t believe how much weight I lost quickly and consistently, I lost 70 pounds in total. Roisin, London, UK

    Why should you listen to me?

    Simply put I have tried it ALL, yes every diet and exercise program you can think of I have done it, and guess what? 99.9% of them NEVER work. There is nothing more frustrating and disheartening than putting all your effort into something and getting no results. Ever since I was a young kid I have been obsessed by physical development and it has been my passion ever since. I have read literally hundred of books on weight training, bodybuilding, fat loss, nutrition, physiology, psychology. You can read all the books of the day to educate yourself on how to burn fat increase muscle tone and improve your body but nothing beats trial and experimentation to see what really works. I literally used myself as a human guinea pig and I have taken all my knowledge from the best results and turned it into the most effective physique developing program in the world. Why waste your precious time and try to do all this research by yourself, that would be time you could be spending doing the right thing, that’s why this book is of extreme value to you, it guides you every step of the way right from the moment you do your first exercise to the first bite of nutritious food. After reading this book you will be revealed to the best kept secrets available anywhere and you will be on your way to developing an outstanding physique in record time.

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    Introducing “Your So Fit” The ultimate guide to perfecting your body fast and permanently!

    Ciaran Woods

    This is an example of some of the priceless information you will be learning when you recieve Your So Fit.

    How to gain powerful motivation that lasts. For most people motivation only comes in short bursts and doesn’t stay long enough to make a positive difference in their life’s. Your going to be learning techniques that will build unstoppable motivation dedication and burning desire.

    How to create a delicious and extremely effective fat burning eating plan that’s unique to your body type. Unfortunately it’s a sad fact that 95% of people who try crazy fad diets loose absolutely no weight but instead often disrupt there metabolism and end up putting on even more weight. That’s the beauty of the priceless information hidden in this book, you wont have to be a part of that 95%

    how to start exercising even if you have never done so before and love every minute of it. Exercising doesn’t have to be a drag. Once you see the visible improvements in your body you will develop passion and love for exercising. The workout routines in this book have been designed and refined by me for over thirteen years and are the quickest way you are going to improve your body that’s possible. Even if you have never exercised a day in your life its no problem, I have designed a routine that will get you started and eased into it.

    How to boost your metabolism. Many people suffer from a slow metabolism which leads to excessive weight gain. However there are specific ways I have discovered that will increase your metabolism immensely and increase the rate at which your body burns fat, up to 100 times faster.

    How to increase energy levels. Lack of energy is a terrible feeling, if your feeling tired during the day even after a good night’s sleep don’t worry, your going to learn fantastic ways that will turbo boost your energy levels so you feel on top of the world non stop.

    Learn the art of proper weight training. Weight lifting is an art form that takes years to master on your own. Why bother with the trial and experimentation? In this book there are dozens of pages of exercises and many unique exercises that demonstrate exactly how to do them.

    Discover the best supplements to take. One of the biggest rip offs out there days are supplements that promise the world but end up doing nothing. You will discover what the most beneficial supplements are to take so you can help improve your body without wasting your money.

    Discover how to permanently burn body fat. Burning fat without losing your hard earned muscle is a complicated process but only if you don’t know how to do it. Your going to be discovering how to easily construct your own unique diet plan that will get you leaner and more defined than you ever thought possible.

    # How to build muscle.
    # How to build a six pack
    # Discover numerous unique exercises to turbo boost your muscle growth
    # Discover the dangers of steroids.
    # How to get rid of flabby triceps.
    # How to get rid of man boobs. You don’t have to be made fun of or be embarrassed about having man boobs any more, in this book there is a wealth of information about specific chest training that target the lower chest enabling you to burn of fat and breast tissue while at the same time sculpting muscle.
    # How to get rid of flabby thighs. Discover unique exercises that target all areas of the thighs to tighten tone and sculpt.
    # How to get rid of a flabby stomach. Don’t listen to any more nonsense about stomach training, in this book you will learn the best combination of exercises in the world that will burn fat and tighten the skin around the stomach even if you have had children.
    # You will learn simple day to day lifestyle changes that will have you burning fat, increasing energy and increasing your fitness level immediately without even going to the gym.
    # Learn how to de-stress, achieve deep relaxation and meditate.
    # Discover the physique enhancing benefits of stopping smoking.
    # Discover how to measure your own heart rate and monitor it consistently. Also discover how to get your heart rate in the right zone for optimum fat burning.
    # Discover how to take your physical development to a higher level even if you have been training for years.
    # Discover how I got started and how I continue to stay in great shape.
    # Discover how to even out weak body parts to make your physique flawless.
    # Discover how to look, feel and stay much younger.

    The deadly mistake most people make that guarantees failure to loose weight and get that toned body.

    #1. Going for the odd walk or going to the gym and only giving a half effort and trying to convince yourself that you trained really hard when deep down you know that your training intensity is going to get you nowhere.

    The sad truth is that gyms across the country are filled with enthusiastic people training away night after night but studies have shown that 95% of these unfortunate people never change there current physical shape. If your going to be making the effort to get to the gym wouldn’t it be beneficial to know the secrets on how to make the best possible gains in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort?

    Reading too many books magazines and articles can become very confusing with all the conflicting information in them.

    Don’t listen to misguided information that will get you nowhere. If you feel confused by all the different information on offer these days and different people saying I tried this or that and it worked or didn’t work then “Your so fit” will at last clear up any confusion you have and set you on the right track for success making it clear and easy to understand.

    If You're finished With all the Weight Loss Fads, Pills and "Quick Fix Diets" That Failed You in the Past and You're Ready to Do it the Right Way, THEN THIS IS IT! This is the Honest and Effective Fat Loss Solution You've Been Searching For

    I'm not looking for a huge mass of followers - I'm looking for a small handful of winners who are sick of all the marketing hype and BS in this industry and are willing to put in the honest hard work necessary to make their dreams a reality - people who simply need the right information, motivation and coaching to help make it happen.

    If you're one of those special people - one of the top 5% who are ready to make the commitment and willing put forth the effort - then come on board with me and order today because "just thinking about it" never led anyone to a better body.

    After week one, you'll notice the first changes. Your pants will be a little looser, and the first couple pounds will drop off the scale. You might even see 3-5 pounds of weight loss, but don't get too excited yet because some of that was probably water weight. The big difference after week one is YOUR ENERGY. It has gone through the roof!. That's what happens when you eat like a physique athlete! By the third week, the results start to get really noticeable. You're leaner, harder and seeing more muscle definition - lean enough at this point that other people are taking notice and wondering what you're doing to look so good (watch out - they might even start getting jealous!) Every week after that, your results get better and better as fat quickly melts away and your metabolic rate starts "racing" like a turbo charged engine. After this pivotal 21 to 30 day mark, your mind and body have "synchronized." You've accomplished the ULTRA-IMPORTANT turning point of getting your new lifestyle habits to take root and your sub-conscious mind has taken over, so eating clean and training hard is almost becoming effortless. By the 90-day mark, You've reached your goal! You might even be staring in the mirror in astonishment, seeing your ABS for the first time! Even if you still have more weight to lose, you already look great, you feel great and you've made so much progress since week one, your friends are practically breaking down your door to find out how you got so lean (and psssst... it's ok with me if you tell them your secret is “Your So Fit!” The best part of all is that you said 'NO!" to quick fixes - you chose the all-natural, lifestyle approach - so you know the fat loss you achieved is permanent and you now own the knowledge that got you there.

    Yours Sincerely

    Ciaran Woods.

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    You're So Fit!

    You're so fit

    My latest Book details how to get in shape fast and have fun in the process. More Details

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